Surfers Prepare for Record-Breaking Wave Heights This Summer

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Surfers are preparing for a summer season that could bring record-breaking wave heights, as climate change is increasing sea levels and affecting storm intensity and frequency. The ice sheets melting in Greenland and Antarctica are making ocean levels rise, which leads to expected increase in wave height. Surfing enthusiasts must prepare themselves for the upcoming season by remaining physically fit and engaging in strength-training exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises, wearing a leash, choosing proper equipment, and taking lessons. Surfing etiquettes and safety measures, such as giving others enough space, wearing a life jacket, and not surfing alone should also be considered.

Surfers Prepare for Record-Breaking Wave Heights This Summer

Surfers all around the world are gearing up for a summer season that could potentially bring record-breaking wave heights. As sea levels rise and the climate continues to change, there are predictions that surfing enthusiasts will experience some of the biggest waves that they have ever seen. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons behind these predictions, and how surfers should prepare for this upcoming season.

The Reason for the Record-Breaking Wave Heights

The main reason why surfers are preparing for a summer season with record-breaking wave heights is due to the climate change. Climate change is causing ice sheets to melt that are stored in Greenland and Antarctica, which is increasing the sea level around the world. With the rising sea levels, there is an expected increase in the wave height. Furthermore, climate change is also affecting the intensity and frequency of storms, which results in some of the largest waves ever seen.

How Surfers Should Prepare

With the predicted record-breaking wave heights, it is critical that surfers prepare themselves for the upcoming season. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of this year’s surfing season:

1. Stay in Shape: It is important for surfers to remain physically fit to handle the big waves that are coming their way. Surfers should engage in strength-training exercises, as well as cardiovascular exercises.

2. Always Wear a Leash: Surfers should always wear a leash, as it will protect them from getting lost or injured if they fall off their board.

3. Choose the Proper Equipment: Surfers should choose the right surfboard, wetsuit, and fins that are suitable for the anticipated wave heights.

4. Take Lessons: If you’re a beginner or have little experience with larger waves, consider taking lessons. Professional instructors will teach you proper techniques, safety, and etiquette.


Q: What is the proper etiquette for surfers when surfing large waves?

A: Surfers should always give others enough space when surfing. It is important to remember that the surfer who is closest to the peak has the right of way.

Q: What are some safety tips for surfers when surfing large waves?

A: Pay attention to the conditions and never surf alone. Always wear a leash and a life jacket. Keep an eye on the weather and know your limits.

Q: When is the best time to surf during the summer season with record-breaking wave heights?

A: It’s best to surf during the early morning or late afternoon when the wind is light, and the waves are gentler.


Surfers are eagerly anticipating the upcoming summer season with predictions of record-breaking wave heights. With the right preparation, gear, and safety measures, surfers can make the most of this opportunity to experience some of the biggest waves of their lives. Remember to stay fit, wear the appropriate gear, and follow proper safety precautions for the ultimate surfing experience.