Local Community Bands Together to Protect Bushland from Development

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A community group in Bungendore, New South Wales, has successfully protected precious bushland from a major corporation planning to build a shopping mall. The Bungendore Landcare Group mobilised residents to form a petition, hold protests and rallies, and create a fundraising campaign for legal fees. Their efforts resulted in the local council rejecting the development proposal, citing environmental concerns and potential loss of natural beauty. The bushland is a vital habitat for echidnas, wallabies and goannas, among other species, and is home to critically endangered plant species. Communities can protect their bushlands by raising awareness, organising events and engaging with local authorities.

Local Community Bands Together to Protect Bushland from Development


The bushlands surrounding our towns and cities are some of the last remaining havens for our native animals and plants. Unfortunately, these areas are often the target for property developers who see the untouched land as prime real estate to build on. However, a local community in Australia has banded together to fight a major corporation and protect their precious bushland.

The Battle Begins

In 2019, a major corporation announced plans to build a shopping mall on a piece of bushland in the small town of Bungendore, New South Wales. The land, which has been largely untouched for centuries, is home to many native animals, including echidnas, wallabies, and goannas, and is also home to a number of critically endangered plant species.

The community of Bungendore quickly mobilized and formed the Bungendore Landcare Group. The group’s aim was to protect the bushland from development and to create a safe habitat for the native animals and plants.

The Community Fights Back

The Bungendore Landcare Group first organized a petition to show the corporation and local government how strongly the community was opposed to the development. The petition gained over 10,000 signatures in just a few days, showing that the community was passionate about preserving the land.

The group then organized a number of protests and rallies to raise awareness about the issue. They also set up a fundraising campaign to raise money for legal fees, as the group knew that they would need to take legal action to prevent the development from occurring.

The Victory

Despite the corporation’s plans to build on the land, the Bungendore Landcare Group was able to successfully convince the local council to reject the development proposal. The council cited concerns about environmental impact and the potential loss of the area’s natural beauty as reasons for rejecting the proposal.

The Bungendore Landcare Group’s efforts have been praised by the local community and environmental groups nationwide. Their dedication to the protection of the local bushland shows just how much of an impact a small group of passionate people can have on their community.


Why are bushlands important?

Bushlands are important because they provide habitat for native animals and plants. They also play a crucial role in ecosystem services, such as maintaining soil health, regulating water flow, and improving air quality.

Why do property developers target bushlands?

Property developers target bushlands because they see it as undeveloped land that can be used for building. They may also see it as an opportunity to make a profit.

What can communities do to protect their bushlands?

Communities can protect their bushlands by organizing protests and rallies, starting a petition, and raising awareness about the issue. They can also fundraise for legal fees and work with local government officials to create policies that protect the land.

What are the dangers of developing bushlands?

Developing bushlands can cause habitat loss for native animals and plants, which can lead to population declines and even extinctions. It can also lead to soil degradation, increased water runoff, and air pollution.