Glade Launches New Spring Collection of Air Fresheners

Uncategorized By Mar 25, 2023

Glade has launched a new spring collection of air fresheners, with fragrances including Raindrops, Lavender and Lilac. The range offers a variety of scents to create a fresh and vibrant atmosphere in any room of the home. The Raindrops scent blends jasmine and dewy greens with the smell of raindrops. Meanwhile, Lavender is a calming, relaxing aroma and Lilac offers an uplifting fragrance of blooming lilac bushes. Most Glade air fresheners last between 30-60 days and may be eco-friendly and sustainable. However, care should be taken around pets and recycling possibilities may be limited.

Glade Launches New Spring Collection of Air Fresheners

Spring is here, which means it’s time to refresh and renew with Glade’s new spring collection of air fresheners. The collection is designed to bring the fragrances of the season into any room of the house, creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all. From the refreshing scent of raindrops to the sweet aroma of blooming flowers, the Glade spring collection has you covered. Here’s what you can expect from the new collection.


The Raindrops scent is a refreshing mix of raindrops, jasmine, and dewy greens. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to create a clean and refreshing atmosphere in their home. The scent is subtle yet long-lasting, providing a fresh and rejuvenating fragrance that will last for hours.


Lavender is a staple fragrance for many households, and the Glade spring collection offers a new twist on this classic scent. The Lavender fragrance captures the essence of fresh lavender fields, providing a calming and relaxing aroma that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.


The Lilac scent captures the sweet aroma of blooming lilac bushes, providing a fresh and uplifting fragrance that’s perfect for spring. The scent is delicate, yet impactful, filling any room with vivid and vibrant floral notes.


How long do Glade air fresheners last?

The length of time a Glade air freshener lasts depends on several factors, such as room size and ventilation. However, most Glade air fresheners last between 30-60 days.

Can I use Glade air fresheners around pets?

While Glade air fresheners are generally safe to use around pets, it’s best to avoid direct contact with animals or their food/water bowls. Some pets may also have sensitivities to certain fragrances, so it’s best to test the air freshener in a small area before using it around your pets.

Can I use Glade air fresheners in my car?

Yes, Glade air fresheners can be used in your car, but it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Some air fresheners may be designed specifically for use in cars, while others may not be suitable for use in enclosed spaces.

Are Glade air fresheners environmentally friendly?

Many Glade air fresheners are designed to be eco-friendly and are made from sustainable materials. However, it’s always a good idea to check the packaging for information on the product’s environmental impact.

Can I recycle Glade air fresheners?

Most Glade air fresheners are not recyclable due to their plastic components. However, some air freshener products may be designed to be refilled, which can help reduce waste.

Overall, the new spring collection from Glade offers a variety of refreshing and invigorating scents that are perfect for welcoming the new season into your home. Whether you’re looking to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, or you want to fill your home with the sweet aroma of flowers, the Glade spring collection has something for everyone. So why not add some fragrance to your life and try out the new Glade spring collection today?