Cypress to introduce new traffic calming measures in residential neighborhoods

Uncategorized By Mar 20, 2023

The local government has proposed new traffic calming measures for Cypress Road, a residential area that has experienced an increase in traffic, posing safety risks to residents, especially children and pets. These measures include physical features such as speed humps, chicanes, speed tables, and roundabouts, which aim to reduce vehicle speed and increase safety for users. Benefits of these measures include decreased risk of accidents, injuries and fatalities, reduced noise pollution, and more livable residential areas. Funding for these measures often comes from municipal budgets or state and federal transportation department grants.

Cypress Road Traffic Calming Measures

Cypress Road is a residential area that has seen an increase in traffic over the years. The high number of vehicles poses a safety risk to residents, especially children, and pets. The sound pollution from the speeding vehicles also disturbs the peace and quiet in the neighborhood.

To address the problem, the local government has proposed new traffic calming measures. These measures aim to reduce vehicle speed and increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

What are Traffic Calming Measures?

Traffic calming measures are various physical features placed along the roadway to alter driver behavior. These features include speed humps, roundabouts, rumble strips, and chicanes. They aim to slow down vehicles to a safer speed limit, reducing the chances of accidents and promoting overall safety.

The new traffic calming measures proposed for Cypress Road include:

1. Speed Humps: Speed humps are placed on the roadway to slow down vehicles. They are designed to have a gradual slope, which forces drivers to reduce speed when driving over them. The traffic calming measure is effective in residential neighborhoods, as it discourages drivers from speeding.

2. Chicanes: Chicanes narrow the roadway, forcing drivers to reduce speed to navigate safely. The feature consists of a series of curves that alternately shift vehicles to either side of the road. The traffic calming measure is effective in reducing the speed of vehicles, making the roadway safer for all users.

3. Speed Tables: Speed tables are flat-top humps that are similar to speed humps, but wider and longer. They are placed at crosswalks to ensure that drivers slow down before pedestrians cross the roadway. Speed tables are effective traffic calming features in areas where pedestrians frequently cross, such as schools and parks.

4. Roundabouts: A roundabout is a circular intersection that requires drivers to yield or stop at entry points. Roundabouts increase safety by reducing vehicle speed and minimizing accidents caused by left turns. They are also effective in reducing congestion and improving traffic flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of traffic calming measures?

The benefits of traffic calming measures are many: they reduce speeding, making roads safer for people; they decrease the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities; they discourage through-traffic, making residential neighborhoods more livable; and they reduce noise pollution, improving quality of life for nearby residents.

2. Will traffic calming measures make my commute longer?

While traffic calming measures may add some travel time, they typically do not have a significant impact on overall commute times. The added safety and reduced vehicle speeds are well worth the minimal extra time.

3. How will traffic calming measures be paid for?

Traffic calming measures are typically funded through municipal budgets approved by local government officials or through grants from state or federal transportation departments. The cost of implementing traffic calming measures can vary depending on the type and number of measures installed.


Traffic calming measures are an effective way to reduce vehicle speed and improve safety in residential areas. The proposed traffic calming measures for Cypress Road, including speed humps, chicanes, speed tables, and roundabouts, aim to make the roadway safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. While there may be some minimal travel time added, the benefits of these measures far outweigh the cost.